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Hi, and welcome to the website of the NAC (Not A Clan) clan.

What is the NAC Clan?

Well, the NAC Clan is just a clan that was created so people without a clan can still play Clan Wars, just by joining this "so-called" clan, thus its name. For more info about Clan Wars check its website.

What are your members?

Here is a list of all our members:

How do I register?

Just send an e-mail to us saying you want to be in the clan. After that we will send you your password, which you can use to login on Clan Wars or on our e-mail.

How do I contact you?

Just send an e-mail to or contact us through our forum.

Do you have a logo of some sort?

Of course we do! Here it is, the flag we use at Clan Wars as well as in our team: NAC flag

The NAC clan and this website were all made by and are copyright of SupSuper