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Date of Release: 2002
Format(s): PC, PS2, Gameboy Advance, Gamecube
Official Website:

Preheat your PC to a comfortable temperature before inserting the Worms Blast disc and lightly fluff your seat before settling down for the main course. Once comfortable, take the big chunk of puzzle-styled gameplay and slice into 60 fun-sized missions. Sprinkle with a fiendishly challenging puzzle mode, and mix in a tasty tournament mode, not forgetting to include the unlockable hidden features. Spread this mixture over a multiplayer head-to-head game guaranteeing fun for yourself and your friends, and allow to simmer....

When enjoyment is boiling, add in a generous helping of entertaining characters, boat-based silliness, fog, sea monsters, and falling anvils. Add bazookas, dynamite and unprecedented destruction to taste.
This recipe should serve a truly hefty helping of fun!