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Date: 14-2-2003
Name: Portuguese translation
Message: The portuguese translation has been partially done and Wormopedia option in the main menu will be replaced by Things To Do With A Worm. Also, minor adjustments have been done.

Date: 25-12-2002
Name: About Worms section
Message: Ok, so I'm lazy, so version 3 will be made next year. However, I am tuning up the website (version 2.1) so now the About Worms section is online. So, now are you happy?

Date: 10-12-2002
Name: Version 3
Message: Ho ho ho! Merry Christmas, everyone! Anyways, I would just like to tell you that I think i'm going to make version 3 of Worm Zone so I have chances of winning the Team17 website contest. Yep, I'm thinking of joining it. Version 3 will have it's own url (so you don't have to access it through my homepage), forum, chatbox, The Worm Song Picker 2, a completed About Worms section and lots more. Expect much, but don't expect it soon.

Date: 19-11-2002
Name: Server change
Message: Worm Zone is now hosted by Tripod. I changed the server since more webspace was needed. Minor fixes and updates were done.

Date: 01-11-2002
Name: Things to do with a worm
Message: Finished "cleaning up" a cool list from a thread of the Team17 Forum. You can check it out here!

Date: 25-10-2002
Name: Flash version
Message: I've finally took care of the flash version of Worm Zone. I know, only the menu is Flash, but it takes time to make THE WHOLE WEBSITE in Flash, and looking cool.

Date: 09-10-2002
Name: My Stuff section
Message: My Stuff section has been added to the website. Some minor updates were also done.

Date: 15-09-2002
Name: More Updates
Message: Main Menu was enhanced. 3D Worms section added. Work on the HTML version of the Wormopedia has started.

Date: 14-09-2002
Name: Webspace Problems
Message: Due to problems of lack of webspace for the new version the old version of Worm Zone will be shutdown. A 'favicon.ico' was created so that when you add my hompeage to your favourites a special icon will show up instead of the Webpage Icon.

Date: 13-09-2002
Name: Minor Updates
Message: Brand new guestbook for Worm Zone, as well as some minor changes on WebRing table placement and The Worm Song Picker.

Date: 12-09-2002
Name: Latest Updates
Message: Minor updates to the News page and Worm Pot FAQ, Links page updated and now online:

Date: 9-09-2002
Name: New Version
Message: Hi, this is (or better, will be) the new version of Worm Zone!