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This list was idea of WarMonger and was done by the following Team17 Forum members (by order of posting): WarMonger, LLCoolDave, Lawd, SupSuper, svenneundulat, -R-, XFrostX, MonkeyforaHead, Zero72, Guy_From_I, antworm, Paul.Power, Run, sonicx, thomasp, kjatte, Pickleworm, tccondon, Retcerahc, spanky2, Nutter, Apollo, WormLord, DugDude, bloopy, XxllKKllxX, Melao, War Worm, wirm, Demian, ViolatoR, Smifffy, XxScorpionxX, shadowjuan, EliteChao$ You can check out the thread here! I've decided to put all of the ideas in one list which is shown here and which was corrected and spellchecked (hopefully) by me, but it has abreviations. If you want your idea here, just reply to the thread as I will check it daily.

  1. Let it kill another worm
  2. Put it in your compost
  3. Look at it crawling, wow, interesting!
  4. Put it in a game which is about worms killing each other, we might as well name it worms :P
  5. Make it dance
  6. Look if it burns.
  7. Use it as a softball target
  8. Put it in a boat, give it a zook and look if it can defeat itself against coloured bobbles
  9. Use it as food for survival trainings
  10. Put it in your sig
  11. Give it a shotgun and see if it can shoot targets
  12. Make it build you a hideout
  13. See if it can play worms
  14. Make it tell you where it keeps its weaps
  15. Make it do a Robin Hood impression (longbow)
  16. Make it show you his roping techniques
  17. Put it as a ball in a pinball game
  18. See if it survives against a shotgun
  19. Squash it
  20. See his baby worms
  21. Stop it from constantly hide in tunnels
  22. Use it to practice sky-diving without you hurting yourself
  23. Force it to eat dirt when it has nothing to do
  24. Have it to do kamikaze without its own will
  25. Make it to walk off cliffs with a not so steady rope to hang in.
  26. Put it in a bottle of tequila
  27. Drop it from a great height and see if it makes a "boing" sound and gets its head stuck in the ground.
  28. Try and cross-breed it with a snail to create a master race of shelled worms
  29. Feed it to a small child.
  30. Make it eat dog worming tablets and see if it creates a space-time paradox
  31. Put it on a spinning LP track
  32. Put some scuba gear on it and throw it in the tub
  33. Prod it off a table
  34. Pull it off in half
  35. Ask it why they started kill each other in the first place
  36. Eat it
  37. Skip it across a lake
  38. Make its eyebrows it moustache
  39. Bury it
  40. Let it have a drink
  41. Give it to a friend
  42. Burn it
  43. Give it a mini walkie-talkie
  44. Throw it around in the air
  45. Give it some popcorn
  46. Use it as bait for fishing
  47. Lightly fry it with some onions and a pinch of sage
  48. Hide it in your younger brother's/sister's bed
  49. Teach it the way of the ninja
  50. Drop a large concrete donkey on it
  51. See how far you can hit it with a baseball bat.
  52. Learn to draw it, and then stick it in a comic series
  53. See if chocolate is as bad for it as it is for dogs.
  54. Make a slingshot out of it.
  55. Teach it to speak in two dozen accents.
  56. Give him candy
  57. Teach him to drive
  58. Dress him in funny hats (Mega Man helmets, for instance)
  59. Introduce him to the cat
  60. Add him to your action figure collection
  61. Nuke it
  62. Give it beer
  63. Put it on a web site
  64. Freeze it
  65. Send it into space
  66. Strap it to a sheep
  67. Make a Schwarzenegger action movie out of it
  68. Show him your barn full of farm animals
  69. Put it on a grain of sand which is directly 10 metres above the sea
  70. Teach it to clone itself into an army
  71. Examine it
  72. Find out if he likes The Concrete Donkey or The Buffalo of Lies
  73. Teach it to swim
  74. Let him show you how to blow up your enemies
  75. Throw it in the air and try to hit it with something
  76. Teach it to swim (You'll fail, but it'll pass the time)
  77. Listen very closely. You may hear it say "Oi, Nutter!"
  78. Tie it in a knot and see if it can undo itself
  79. Pin it down to cardboard
  80. See if it can make girders hang in the air
  81. Ask it what it wants to see in worms 3D
  82. Jump up and down on it
  83. Take it to a worm farm
  84. More food for your pet bird!
  85. Feed it to ants
  86. Watch it tame sheep
  87. Send it to "accidentally" set fire to a jerk's house
  88. Freeze it
  89. Check if it's in god mode (try to blow it)
  90. Take it to a disco
  91. Rescue it from whatever predicament it's currently in and put it somewhere safe (I'm just a big softy)
  92. Ask it whether it prefers Bazookas or Grenades...
  93. Take it to a biol. class and dissect it.
  94. Get it to rescue Agent Dennis.
  95. Drop a Concrete Donkey on it.
  96. Ask it to strip down to its skeleton
  97. Give it a Gameboy Advance with Worms World Party
  98. Learn it to fish with baby worms
  99. Give it a map and compass and let him out in the wild
  100. Give it a guitar and sing along with it
  101. Zap it!
  102. Throw it off the top of the Empire State Building and check how many fall damage did it get
  103. Disintegrate it
  104. Give it a crate with weapons
  105. Teach it kung fu
  106. Put it in your avatar and let it clap 'til it'll die of it
  107. Try to torch it in a pitch black room.
  108. Test your new samurai-sword on it.
  109. Make it dig to china
  110. Name it
  111. Make it shoot a rope, swing, shoot rope, and miss
  112. Kill it... kill it good
  113. Flush it
  114. Let it play with your "so called" Killer-Ants while you’re in school.
  115. Try to make a worm tower as high as possible
  116. Make it star in a The Sims game
  117. Watch it eat dirt
  118. Watch it stretch, curl, stretch, curl
  119. Give it an afro and watch it strike the Saturday night pose
  120. Put it on a glass plate and light a lighter under it
  121. Cook it
  122. Fry it
  123. Give it a chicken suit and put it in a hole full of worms
  124. Buy a worm farm for it
  125. Make it eat an explosive banana
  126. Make it eat its tail till it ends up eating its head, and therefore eating itself inside-out, or creating a black hole which will suck in everything until there is nothing left.
  127. Put it through a meat grinder and sell it as fish food.
  128. Put it in a pool full of Johnson’s baby lotion.
  129. See if it knows how to light dynamite just by dropping it.
  130. See if it can write your name upside-down.
  131. Stuff it full of gunpowder and make a grenade.
  132. Teach the worm to play basketball; with all those cool jump moves
  133. Train him in the team17 academy of arts and weaponry
  134. Try to fit it with 699 other worms into a cd burner to produce a 700mb CD that is Worms 3
  135. Put it into a glass jar and call out "Worms, free!"
  136. Give it a swirl
  137. Teach it how to dance.
  138. Make it an underwear model.
  139. See if you can skim it on the water
  140. See how fast you can make it with Low-Grav and Fastwalk
  141. See if you can make it slide on snow
  142. Teach it how to swim
  143. Teach it how to ride a bicycle
  144. See how much damage it gets if you do Armageddon with Double Damage
  145. Let it dig all of the land
  146. Crush it into a VERY small cube.
  147. See if it'll survive if you drop a HUGE stone on it.
  148. Get another worm after you killed it at 147
  149. Repeat 147 because it was so funny
  150. Get a 3rd worm...
  151. Check if it surrenders if outnumbered.
  152. Kill him to check out its gravestone.
  153. Make it big then nick its jetpack
  154. Make it little again
  155. Use kamikaze
  156. Buy a new worm
  157. Feed it to your fish
  158. Make it a room decoration
  159. Send it to Outer Space
  160. Put it in the Microwave and NUKE IT!!!!!!!!!!!!
  161. Give it a rope and make it get a crate
  162. Douse it in Petrol (gas) and set it on fire
  163. Deep fry it so it looks like a chip
  164. Eat it
  165. Play baseball with its friends
  166. Invite it to your barbeque... hehe
  167. Get some napalm and pretend it is eye drops for your worm
  168. Make it tell you how to make a 'zooka
  169. Make it tell you how to use a 'zooka
  170. Make it teach you how to hit you're enemy from 50 feet away on jumbled terrain with a 'zook
  171. Let it live for a while
  172. Get bored after about five minutes and see if you can make your cat eat it
  173. Put it in your sister's hair
  174. See if it can pick up tiny crates full of weapons while swinging on a rope
  175. Make it throw an exploding sheep at another worm
  176. Make it show you its team
  177. Make it turn you're bananas into banana bombs so you can chuck them at ppl who annoy you
  178. Use it as Paddle-Ball - ball
  179. Make it aerate your garden.
  180. Give it a blowtorch to help it at aerating your garden.
  181. Make it show you how to display a target in front of your weapon.
  182. Cut it in half
  183. Feed it to your pet
  184. Make it show you the enemy team
  185. Trade him one of his double damage crates for something you got
  186. Clone it
  187. Clone the clone
  188. Clone the clone of the clone
  189. Clone the clone of the clone of the... etc.
  190. Squash it so flat that it can actually play Worms 2D
  191. Name it Arnold
  192. Drown it in Johnson's baby lotion
  193. Train it to sing “Zooka loopy”
  194. Give it a ton of root beer and see how loud the belch is
  195. Nutter whack's this thread on the head with a dead worm
  196. I hear swinging a dead worm over your head by the full moon at midnight brings good luck
  197. Tie it round your neck and wear it as a tie
  198. Teach it to take dictation
  199. Get it to do the ironing
  200. Threaten to smart bomb it unless it lets you inspect its weapons of mass destruction
  201. Send it up in a balloon and practice shooting at it
  202. Take it to a farm, point to a pig and yell "KILL IT! KILL THE IMITATION!!!!!!!!!!!!"
  203. Give it a banana and run like hell
  204. Use it to make a nonsensical post so you can get 200
  205. Yay I got 200!
  206. Tie it into a knot to help you remember things
  207. Hide it in your foes spaghetti
  208. Use it as a guitar string
  209. Make it into balloon animal
  210. Let it sleep in your shoe
  211. Don’t put your shoe on
  212. Let it add suggestions to this forum
  213. Accidentally type whilst ints onstts the kesybouard
  214. Apologise and feed it a cookie
  215. Flick it
  216. Roll it
  217. Sell it
  218. Catch’em all
  219. Hold it to ransom for money
  220. Teach it to sit
  221. Let it play with a stapler
  222. Make it wink
  223. Make it close its eyes really tight, than get blown up
  224. Make it place dynamite near, then do a back flip on top of the dynamite
  225. Freeze your worm, and then baseball bat it!
  226. Sit down with hot chocolate and watch Father Ted with your worm
  227. Get a piercing and put your worm through it!
  228. Write a book about your worm
  229. Sell your worm on e-bay
  230. Give your worm beer daily and it might grow into a slug!
  231. Make it "call" an Armageddon
  232. Teach it to write
  233. Make him show you his animal-weapons farm
  234. Throw it out the window
  235. Use it as shoelaces
  236. Laugh and the worm laughs with you...
  237. Make it sneak into Team17 HQ
  238. Ask it if it really is the best
  239. Ask it if it's sure it will win the war
  240. Ask it if it will always stand and never run
  241. Ask it "Until what's done?"
  242. Question its ability to strike with all its might, despite falling friends and the blown-apartness of its world
  243. Ask it what is right
  244. Ask it how it can talk
  245. Ask it how painful it is to go to war with a split tail (from WormSong)
  246. Ask it where it stores all 64 weapons during a game
  247. Ask it if it's seen Andy Davidson recently
  248. Introduce it to the delights of this forum
  249. Read all eight "official" Worms Stories to it
  250. Ask if it can have babies.
  251. Ask if it grows
  252. Ask it what a female worm looks like
  253. Put it in your sock
  254. Take a picture of it with your webcam
  255. Put it on a firework and watch it fly up and explode forming the text "WORMS BY TEAM17"
  256. Make a computer desktop out of it.
  257. Make a worms themed game boy advanced
  258. Make the worm write a thread
  259. Squish it with a rolling pin
  260. Stick it to a fan blade and watch it SPIN!!
  261. Poke it in the middle and see which end laughs
  262. Call you worm on its mobile phone
  263. Dissect it
  264. Stick it on a stick and roast it like a hotdog
  265. Put it in bread and it is as a hotdog
  266. Put yourself in bread and let it eat you like a hotdog
  267. Make it join a disco dancing competition
  268. Make it fly to the worm and put up a flag saying "TEAM17 was here"
  269. Make it swallow dough and let it grow inside it until he blows up
  270. Make it become a moderator
  271. Build an Eiffel tower consisting only of worms
  272. Rope knock the tower down
  273. Bake it
  274. Freeze it
  275. Flush it down the toilet
  276. Put it in front of a one-armed bandit, and watch as loads of dynamite comes out of the slot (see Worms 2 FMVs)
  277. Teach it to play baseball with other worms
  278. Ask it why its shotgun bullets don't scatter
  279. Ask it why they got annoyed at each other
  280. Ask it what 50 things to do with a worm are
  281. Give it an Irish accent
  282. Sex your worms
  283. Smoke weed with him
  284. Give him alcohol
  285. Be cool with him
  286. Read all the 280 things again.
  287. Do nothing with him
  288. Send it to a worms party
  289. Put it in the military
  290. Name a boat after it
  291. Make it talk
  292. Use it for dinner
  293. Steal its mojo
  294. Give it a mobile phone and see who it calls to.
  295. Introduce it to George W. Bush and offer them some pretzels.
  296. Take it to David Letterman's Late show.
  297. Vacuum it.
  298. Teach it to read
  299. Teach it to talk
  300. Let it have a drink
  301. Help it save agents.
  302. Let it walk on the good ship Armageddon
  303. Let it call on Armageddon
  304. Make it closer to god
  305. Teach it the 50 recipes with bananas
  306. Make it write 300 things to with it, and if it doesn’t, threaten it with scissors
  307. Make it type worms on the keyboard
  308. Teach it how to play a worms game
  309. Cut it in half and see which one get first to a finishing line
  310. Dress it up as a piece of dirt and watch the other worms eat it.
  311. Dip it in honey and fry it
  312. Send him to Iraq for Stealthy Weapons Inspection
  313. Take him to Vegas, gamble on 00 (SUDDEN DEATH!)
  314. Do the weapon testing for my thread's weapons
  315. Make him into a Cartoon all about Worms (Come on people, you know you waaaaaaaaaaant it!)
  316. Use him against Warmonger in my thread's Worms Weapons War 1 (Sorry, couldn't help it)
  317. Build a castle on it
  318. Put him in your sound box
  319. Delete it without any sense
  320. Mungle it
  321. Kiss him :$
  322. Join him on a quest
  323. Throw it trough a window
  324. Burn him
  325. Scare it
  326. Sex him up
  327. Let him rot
  328. Infect it with flu, Clone it loads of times, and put them in a pot noodle factory (hehehe)
  329. Put it in a plane with the Sony Boss and see if it does the same thing as it did with Spadge
  330. Draw a comic about it and its friends
  331. Have it show you how to make you into a worm
  332. Have it beat the s**t out of Pikachu and all his weird friends
  333. "Accidentally" drop it out of a third-storey window
  334. Get some more worms to be his friends
  335. Squish it against a wall
  336. Make it marry your sister
  337. Use it to keep ppl away from you
  338. See if it's flammable
  339. Ask him if he gets paid for destroying other worms (and how much)
  340. Go with him or a walk, chicks "dig" worms... (actually, they are pretty good at digging anyway
  341. Find out if worms have a drink with a dead human inside the bottle...
  342. Use him as your personal bodyguard
  343. Find another worm, and then let them have a Worm Fight with knives
  344. Make him write a theme song for his next game
  345. Interview him on how different it feels being in 3D
  346. Make him start a revolution in Canada to make everyone a Worm
  347. If he did what XFrostX told him to do 50 reasons ago, tell him to write 50 more reasons or threaten to let robins in the house, because we're at 350! WHOOOOOOOOOOOOO!
  348. Make it welcome Warmonger because he is BACK!
  349. Make it hug Warmonger
  350. Make it worship Warmonger
  351. Make it shun Warmonger
  352. Make it zook Warmonger
  353. Make it bury Warmonger
  354. Make sure it does what the wants to do
  355. Introduce it to an Elasto-laser
  356. Give it a skateboard and make him do a 360 Ollie
  357. Make it run a restaurant called "Boggy B's"
  358. Make it wear braces (NERD!)
  359. Ask him if he can count past 5, or else we should have ended this 358 reasons ago
  360. Ask him to aim a Patsy's Magic Bullet on your unfinished homework
  361. Ask him what he does for every day of the year
  362. Ask him if he wants to abolish leap years
  363. Put him in a worms dollhouse full of crates
  364. Make him go grave digging for all he has killed
  365. Survey him on how he feels about "Cloning Sheep"
  366. Tell him to Revive this thread at least until we get to 400
  367. Leave it alone
  368. Clean your shoe with it
  369. Laugh at it
  370. Stare at it until it starts to float
  371. Shout Yippeeeee from a very high place
  372. Learn to fly a plane
  373. Get a life (and a family)
  374. Smoke weed with him and take it as your brother
  375. Get Beer and watch Hockey with him
  376. The worm vomit, poor him, he is new
  377. Sic him on Warmonger
  378. Make him boom race with you, and see if either one of you makes it to the end alive
  379. Make 383 things to do with a worm
  380. Make 384 things to do with a worm
  381. Make 385 things to do with a worm
  382. Feed it beans and make him into a balloon.
  383. Launch it into space
  384. Give it a lead and walk it around the park
  385. Make it go on an adventure like in LOTR
  386. Make it think of 10 things to do?
  387. Kidnap him
  388. Make him gay
  389. Make her lesbian
  390. Let him die if he wants to
  391. Let him create a movie
  392. Call the movie "The Wormtrix: Reloaded"
  393. Make him get near to the 400
  394. Remember the worm at #112? The same for it
  395. @@@@@@@@@@ (Censored!)
  396. I can't believe it! WE HAVE 400 worms here in a box!
  397. Find two worms then make more worms then find two more worms and make many more worms and make an ARMY!
  398. Make 402 things to do with a worm.
  399. Make some new weapons for it
  400. Give it a spidery suit and infinite ninja ropes (hehe)
  401. Show it how to enable the full wormage
  402. Show it how to enable the "Firing a wep doesn't end your turn" wormpot mode
  403. Show it how to combine #405 & #406 (Muhahahahahaaaaa!!!)
  404. Make it track down and eliminate Warmonger
  405. See if the Russian Gas works on him
  406. Take him to your local dairy queen for a blizzard, but make sure he doesn't get brain freeze, or else you'll have one heck of a time killing him
  407. Cut it in slices and cook it for dinner
  408. Teach it to destroy everything in sight
  409. Ask it how come his nuclear missile doesn't blow up anything
  410. Boil it
  411. Teach it baseball
  412. Teach it to destroy everything in sight
  413. Ask it how come its nuclear missile doesn't blow up anything
  414. Boil it
  415. Teach it baseball
  416. Sprinkle salt on it then keep it in a jar
  417. Torture it
  418. Feed it to a bird
  419. Bite its head off
  420. Hold it hostage from the rest of his team
  421. Do to it whatever tickles your fancy
  422. See if it really is pink, cute, and deadlier than ever
  423. Teach it how to joust with Whiffle Bats
  424. Make it "defuse" mines in war torn areas
  425. Experiment with it, and create a worm recipe book
  426. Sit him on top of your monitor and make it give you verbal support when playing worms
  427. Round up some of its friends and create a worm olympics!
  428. Same as #423 but drop them all in a goldfish tank for the swimming events
  429. Toast it on a camp fire, and eat him with marshmallows
  430. Use it as spare ammo for a slingshot
  431. Make it get a job
  432. Use it to light the fireworks
  433. Put it in the air hole of your sub and watch him shoot out
  434. Comb its hair
  435. Send him up in a rocket and make him the first worm in space.
  436. Make a little parachute for it, then drop it above the toilet, when he falls in. Flush it!
  437. Sell him at an auction
  438. Put him in a matchbox, and drop it on a bonfire
  439. Put him in a microwave, keep him in there until he explodes
  440. Make him rig the US Election to elect its god, THE CONCRETE DONKEY. Then, of course, blame it on Florida
  441. See if he can skip across the English Channel
  442. Push him off the top of the Eiffel Tower, and see how much fall damage he gets
  443. Make Him Fly A Canadian Sea King Helicopter... If He Can
  444. See If it's memorized its Wormsong, and if not, spray him with a minigun
  445. See how high they can build a worm pyramid/tower
  446. Give it a sheep and a red cape and try to get the sheep to fly
  447. Give it a sheep, a blue cape and a snorkel and mask, and try to get that sheep to fly under water
  448. Make it memorise this entire list, and repeatedly test it to see how much the worm has memorised
  449. Scream random words at it till it turns purple with green polka dots
  450. Take it to a candy store to see if it can be turned into a gummi worm
  451. Cover it with hair spray and put it back in it's hole
  452. Make it hold its breath and tickle it
  453. Have breath holding compitions and see which one turns blue first
  454. Take it up to a mountian and make it shout 'I LOVE WORMS'
  455. Stick lots of them on a rollercoaster and see how many are still in it at the end
  456. Stick them with different types of animals to see if they like them
  457. Train them to drive robots with lightsabers so they can take over the world for you
  458. See if it could stand up to The Russian Mystery Gas
  459. See if it really knows how to bungee.... of course make sure you do it somewhere where there is fall damage
  460. Force them to war, give them plastic aeroplane kits (and polistyrene for the apprentices) and see how long it takes them to learn to fly
  461. Get it to re-title this thread: "Lots of things to do with a worm!"
  462. Remind it never to do something like this again